Green light, yellow light, red light. Green light, yellow light, red light. Test-driven development with JUnit is great. And seeing the green light after a refactoring is always satisfying.

Unfortunately, lots of developers are color-blind! The green and the red lights look like shades of gray to some.

The initial goal of this project, is to alter the JUnit Swing-based GUI to allow the user to select preferred colors when tests pass, fail, or errors occur.

Later project iterations will be concerned with other accessibility enhancements for JUnit.

Continue to the JUnitFaces project page, where you can download JUnitFaces, request more features and submit any bugs you find...

Recent Changes

- New color selections are now immediately reflected in the progress bar
- Added "About..." menu item and about JUnitFaces dialog.


- Now two distributions of JUnitFaces are available for download.  One version
  includes the JUnit API merged with the JUnitFaces API.  The other version
  includes only the JUnitFaces API, requiring the user to also locate a
  junit.jar, version 3.8.1, which JUnitFaces depends on.
- Fixed distribution build process mistake, which didn't include images and
  properties files in the JARs.


- Color selections are now persisted in USER_HOME/ file
- Added menu items to Colors menu for resetting color selections to defaults
  (red for failure, and green for success)

1.0 - initial release

- Added Colors menu to basic JUnit TestRunner Swing GUI, which includes menu
  items for selecting failure and success colors of progress bar Logo